In Memoriam Vincent Andretta III

Vincent Andretta III
It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to our longtime friend, Vincent (Jay) Andretta, III

Jay has been steadfast in his support of our agency and particularly to the people we serve. In 2008 we dedicated our New Paltz business facility as Jay Andretta Enterprises.

In 2010 the Gateway Foundation chose Jay and Laurie as our Sub-Rosa Honorees to acknowledge all of the support they have provided "behind the scenes". The word sub-rosa literally means "under the rose." In ancient times the rose was a symbol of silence or secrecy and any good deed performed" sub-rosa" was not done for the attention of the public. Our Sub-Rosa Honor recognizes individuals who consistently contribute time and energy to the vision and mission of our agency choosing to work "behind the scenes" without public recognition. Continuing in this spirit, Jay's family has suggested donations to the Gateway Foundation and we are once again touched by their generosity. Checks may be made to "The Gateway Foundation" and sent to One Amy Kay Parkway; Kingston, NY 12401.

Words cannot express our grief and our deepest sympathies are with the entire Andretta family. We will all miss him very much.