Gateway Awarded Ulster County Meals on Wheels Contract

Gateway Community Industries has been awarded the Meals On Wheels contract for Ulster County.

 As reported On Time Warner Cable News, Gateway Community Industries will be taking over and expanding the Meals on Wheels program in Ulster County, NY.


“This is like Meals on Wheels on steroids,” said Ulster County Office for the Aging Director Kelly McMullen. “This is about the fact that that food is warm, that it’s delivered by a human being that sits down with my senior and notices that today my father or my mother is different than they were yesterday,” she explained.Ulster County Executive Mike Hein Press conference at Gateway Community Industries offices announcing Meals on Wheels contract.Gateway Community Industries has been awarded an eighteen month contract to take over the Meals on Wheels program in Ulster County, NY. As part of the agreement, Gateway will be expanding on the concept of Meals on Wheels to turn it into a more comprehensive program in which meal deliverers will engage with senior citizens in order to monitor their day to day well-being.

Helen Edelstein addresses the press conference attendies

In announcing the contract, Ulster County Executive Mike Hein said the Meals on Wheels this year will help boost the local economy. Gateway’s CEO Mohsen Badran and Vice President of Vocational and Therapeutic Services Helen Edelstein said Gateway will hire about ten new employees to support the contract..

“Some of the folks that we’ll be hiring may be people that are transitioning from unemployment to employment. Some folks may be receiving public assistance and this may be a good opportunity to be trained in really a growing industry,” said Edelstein.



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