New Equipment

Media Cart     Padio UnbrelliaTHE GATEWAY FOUNDATION
                                               BUYS NEW EQUIPMENT

The Gateway Foundation has once again answered the needs of Gateway Community Industries with their recent donations for the purchase of needed equipment. At their July meeting, the Foundation Board of Trustees approved the purchase of a new laptop computer and projection unit to be used for C.R.E.A.T.E. classes in the PROS program. This equipment will enhance the learning experience of students in this program and expand the teaching materials available to our facilitators.

At the same meeting the Foundation agreed to provide the funds to purchase patio umbrellas to shade some of the picnic tables where staff and consumers enjoy an outdoors lunch break. Gateway’s Facility Maintenance has installed one umbrella at the Joe Cornelske Center in Kingston and two at the Jay Andretta Center in New Paltz.

Funding for these requests is provided through the fundraising activities of the Gateway Foundation such as the Annual Raffle in March, the Golf Tournament in September, and the Gateway Gala in November. Please visit the Foundation page for more information.