Certified Apartments

Our Certified Apartments are licensed by the Office of Mental HealthWe have 13 apartments in 7 locations in Ulster County, in Kingston and the outlying communities.  Each apartment has capacity for 1 – 3 people.  All bedrooms are single rooms.  Staff are available by cell phone at an office site 20-24 hours per day and in person 3-5 times each week.Staff are available for emergencies 24 hrs. each day.  Residents participate in meal preparation, chores and social activities.   Most residents participate daily in some type of valued activity. This might include P.R.O.S., therapy, work or education.   Staff are available to provide training and support in the following areas:

All residents who participate in the Certified Apartment program must have Medicaid and will be responsible for a monthly rental payment that will provide for:
  • All food
  • Bed Linens
  • Furnishings
  • Staff Coverage
  • Necessary Transportation
  • Support and Counseling Services
  • Limited recreation activities
Each resident is responsible to pay his / her own medication co-pay, recreation, clothing and a portion of their own social activities.
For further information please contact the
Director of Residential Services at
(845) 331-1261