HUD Subsidized Housing

In addition to the work we provide with the Office of Mental Health, we also have grants received from HUD. These grants provide addition Supported Housing Apartments for homeless specialized populations.  We have individual sites in two counties.  Each home has capacity for 1-4 people.  Bedroom sizes range from 1- 3 bedrooms.  Apartments are located in the resident community of choice and may be accessible as necessary.  Staff work with residents 1-8 times each month as necessary and is available for emergencies 24 hrs a day.   Residents care for their own apartment, meal preparation, chores and social activities.   Most residents participate daily in some type of valued activity. This might include P.R.O.S., therapy, work or education.   Staff are available to provide training and support in necessary skill areas.  

In our HUD funded apartments we provide specialty supports for persons who:

  • Are homeless disabled single parents with 1-3 children
  • Are homeless adults with MICA diagnosis who wish to work on their substance abuse sobriety
  • Are homeless disabled veterans returning to their home community

All residents who participate in the Supported Housing  program must contribute 30% of their total income towards the rental cost.  The balance will be supplemented by Gateway.  In addition, Gateway will assist with a one time start up and will provide bed linens, furnishings, and security deposit.

Gateway will also provide case management support, necessary transportation, support and counseling services, and limited  recreation activities.

Each resident is responsible to pay his or her own utility costs, public transportation costs, food, cable, phone,  medication co-pay, recreation, clothing and a portion of their own social activities.

HUD Supported Housing participates in the Federal initiative to end homelessness.   As such, we participate in the local three county Mid Hudson Valley Homeless Management Information System.  (HMIS)

For further information please contact
Residential Social Services Coordinator at 
(845) 331-1261