IRA Supported Housing

Supp HousingGateway Supervised IRA Program provides support to individuals with Developmental Disabilities as they strive to successfully integrate into independent living.The program provides room, board and residential habilitation services.
Maiden Lane is a supervised IRA program located in the City of Kingston, N.Y. It contains two residential programs, a 5 bed program for males and a 5 bed program for females.



Maiden Lane is supported by staff 24 hours per day.

Eligibility Requirements:
•   Persons age 18 or over
•   Primary diagnosis of a developmental disability (Must be enrolled and approved for Medicaid Waiver Services.)
•   In need of supportive living, able to self preserve, but possesses the ability to gain skills needed for more independent living.  

With minimal support the applicant must be able to:
•   Cook
•   Shop
•   Dress Appropriately
•   Care for Personal Hygiene
•   Keep Appointments

Services Provided:
•   Assistance in Independent Living
•   Health Care Management
•   Counseling
•   Money Management & Budgeting
•   Daily Living Activities
•   Medication Management
•   Crisis Management
•   Case Management
•   Transportation
•   Socialization  

Service Planning:
Each individual participates in developing his/her own Individualized Service Plan which identifies training and supervision needed to address functional limitations.  Typically individuals require assistance in developing:

•   Interpersonal Skills
•   Employment Potential
•   Ability to carry out activities to live independently
•   Managing psychiatric symptoms
•   Nutrition and personal care skills
•   Cooperativeness, problem solving skills
•   Self-Medication skills 

The fee is based on SSI Level II Residential Care and Medicaid Restorative Service rates for community residence and is subject to change.


For further information please contact the
Director of Residential Services at  
(845) 331-1261